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In a slight change of direction we decided last year to get into breeding bulls with performance figures. We are though, determined to keep a herd of pure NZ  cows. (See "Waimata females")The Matauri stud run by Colin Maxwell has done a great job of breeding cattle with above average figures but importantly Colin has also kept his eye firmly on Phenotype. in 2017 Colin sold more Stud bulls than any other stud in NZ. Interestingly, our first two stud bulls came from Matauri, the stud in those days being run by Colin's father Bruce Maxwell.

Cropping Programme

A few years ago we started a pasture renewal programme to fit in with the large increase in cattle numbers.Large areas of very poor pasture infested with rushes were sprayed out and the disced and power harrowed. Crops planted were Brassicas, oats, and two years ago we trailed a maize crop. This was a great success and maize silage was made which has helped feed the increased numbers of young cattle.

 Winter Oats

Our first maize crop

Our First Maize crop

Winter crop - pacer turnip & sultan italian rye

Summer brassica crop.

Flat paddock - Boring

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