Our main point of difference is that we have no American genetics in our main cow herd. In 2018 we bought the top priced bull at the Matauri bull sale. Matauri MO79 was keenly sought after and after some hectic bidding we finally bought him for $44,000.This has caused a few raised eyebrows after my stand against  breedplan.The reason for the apparent U turn is simply financial.We borrowed a lot of money to build the feedlot and servicing the debt has become a drain on the rest of the operation. Selling bulls with numbers is probably the easiest way to increase the revenue of our operation. However I am determined to maintain a cow herd of Pure NZ females even though their breedplan numbers will no doubt water down the EBVs  of the calves. The reason I pulled out of breedplan was because the EBVs were meaningless. Group breedplan relies on a herd having link sires to other herds. Because we are a closed herd we have no links to other herds. The new Matauri bull will give us those links.



We did use a couple of stud bulls many years ago that had

some American blood, but we decided this wasn't the direction that we wanted to take. It was easy to cull these cattle as they were all flagged on the computer and when it came to selecting heifers to go into the herd it was easy enough to eliminate these animals.


The main reason for this move was based on the theory that "If ain't broke,don't fix it". We were involved with a large development programme on Glenora (see Milestones) at this time, and the cows were worked very hard in order to control scrub regrowth.The constitution and ability to bounce back from hard treatment had to be seen to be believed.

We had serious doubts that the cows with some American influence could hack the pace.The other reason for the direction of our breeding programme was the thought that with everyone doing the same thing,  What would happen if some time in the future breeders wanted an alternative? This is exactly what has happened with interest from around the world in semen and embryos                              




We aim to Breed cattle with outstanding constitution and with length and depth of body.The other trait we select for is Longevity Is there any point in buying bulls with all the numbers if they are not going to live long enough to pass on their genes?

Unfortunately constitution and longevity are not       measured by Breedplan.




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